Lenny! What an informative, relaxed consultation. You make talking law actually fun, thank you so much; I'll keep you updated!

New to the marijuana business? You’ll save money and brain damage, save hours and hours of schooling, learn some of the best shortcuts, get help in navigating the mine field, and get started on firm footing in a world of quick sand. Do it right by starting right!

Canna-business desires? Exploring becoming part of the Colorado gold rush?

Exploring getting into the marijuana business in Colorado in a new way with a new idea?  Hope to go into the canna-business more "by the book" in a more conservative way? Hope to grow and sell pot or marijuana products from soda to candy to tinctures to salves in Colorado?   Knowing where to start can be the hardest part.   Starting right can be the biggest saver of time and money and the best insurance of navigating this ever-changing mine field. The first step is generally the hardest and the longest.  I can make it shorter and easier, and long-term, possibly save you a fortune.

Since my job is not to take on long-term business clients, I can provide unbiased suggestions for a lawyer. My job is to guide you in the right starting direction.

Long-term, you will need a specialty business lawyer  and an accountant with expertise in this unique area of accounting.   Statutes, rules  and regulations for owning, operating or being employed by a canna-business can and do change hourly, especially during any legislative session Every county, municipality, combination of city and county such as Denver, as well as the State of Colorado have a stake in this new source of revenue and of government jobs. I  keep as current as possible with ongoing study, reading, networking, and more from which you can benefit.

If you need certainty,  with no risk, you are considering the wrong business.  My exposure over many aspects of this business over many years allows me to prognosticate with a proven prediction record, frequently correctly predicting the future of and timing of new laws and new local, state and federal actions. Of course, I make NO claims that I can predict the future. In the canna-world, that is particularly impossible. My educated guesses have, at times, been spot-on.  For some issues, there are fairly concrete answers, and even those can change by the day.   My decades (+ years or so) of experience as a criminal defense lawyer and as a pot activist locally, state-wide, nationally and internationally can be invaluable in helping to inform and direct your efforts.  

If I can answer a question quickly, during a 10 minute phone call, I am happy to do that without charging.  My experience is that while some questions do have quick answers, most quickly turn into well over an hour discussion.

My background, in additional to my decades in the courtroom also includes the sciences, business and sales, analytic talent, sales training, and uncommonly insightful common sense.

Canna-business consultation in person in Lafayette, Colorado, or by Skype or phone the fee is $750 in advance for up to 1 1/2 hours.

I recommend that we start about 10 minutes ahead of our scheduled conference to permit me to get basic contact information without eating into the 1 1/2 hours.   The $300 fee is payed in advance by charge card (Visa, MC, AMEX, or Discover) or by check, money order or cash.