Below are samples of Miracle Results Obtained by Leonard Frieling.

  1. Saved a career of a young man who has to obtain security clearance, second most difficult county in Colorado. Two counts theft. Both dismissed without trial.
  2. 6 ½ pounds of marijuana, felony weight, obtained misdemeanor , unsupervised probation, permission to move out of state with no supervision. I have so far never failed to keep a jury from hearing anything about carboxy THC, THC COOH, the non-psychoactive form of cannabis which is stored in muscle cells for days or months, and which is the target of urine testing.
  3. Client charged with third domestic violence case, looking at extensive jail sentence. Case dismissed.
  4. 16 pounds of pot in a motel closet, naked wife running up and down the motel sidewalk screaming “my husband is dead.” Police called, do a welfare check, find dildoes, hypos, various drugs, and a live husband in bed. Pot found in the closet during a search. Proved search illegal, evidence excluded, case dismissed.
  5. Young lady, third and fourth DUI/drugs and alcohol, roll-over accident, won both cases, all charges dismissed.
  6. 3 houses, large pot grow in each house, conviction avoided, children quickly returned to parents by social services.
  7. Avoided conviction in large multi-location pot grow. Obtained misdemeanor deferred sentence (no conviction) with no condition except “no new crimes for a year.
  8. Traffic case, used physics to prove that my client could not possibly have rolled back from a stop sign to hit the car behind.
  9. DUI accident, blood, client was passenger charged as driver. Used blood spatter evidence to prove client/defendant was not driving, case dismissed.
  10. DUI trial, 0.146 BAC (limit in Colorado 0.05) not guilty at trial.
  11. DUI trial 0.123, speed over 120 mph in a Ltd. Edition Corvette. Not guilty at trial.
  12. First and only probation granted in the 10th Federal Circuit for a felon possessing a firearm.
  13. Dismissal at preliminary hearing (avoiding grand jury), kilogram of cocaine, FedEx delivery to defendant client’s house.
  14. Same defendant client, dismissal of case #2, an oz. of cocaine in my client’s back yard, also federal.
  15. Avoided conviction in world-famous stalking case with prior stalking with same “victim.” Avoided conviction in second alleged violation of the same restraining order.
  16. Avoided mandatory jail for client caught by radar, motorcycle over 110 mph.
  17. Not guilty at trial, high speed motorcycle chase, over 100 mph, trial victory.
  18. Trial not guilty, representing trial techniques instructor who knocked down a pedestrian in a shopping center parking lot cross walk.
  19. Pot grow, hundreds of plants in two houses, two counties, 3 people. Part of the team (one for each defendant) obtaining dismissals in all six cases.
  20. Dismissal on evidence storage issue, case dismissed without trial, 22 pounds of pot.
  21. First degree sex assault (rape) charge against university student, case won at trial.
  22. State Racketeering case, client was alleged to be the leader of a multi-country cocaine meth smuggling case, homicide, attempt to have a witness killed, stolen construction vehicles to trade for illegal drugs, sentenced to less than half of the sentence received by the second-in-command of the crime organization.
  23. Countless not guilty results in traffic cases including trial victories and negotiated victories.
  24. University brawling charges, dismissed.
  25. Police officer 15 years on the job. Charged sex assault and stalking in 3 counties, permanent restraining order sought in 2 of the three counties. Guaranteed loss of career with any conviction or any restraining order made permanent. Every case dismissed, ever restraining order defeated.
  26. Armed home invasion, armed robbery of fast food store, obtained probation, zero jail, and permission to leave the state.
  27. Domestic violence, violation of restraining order, jury trial not guilty.
  28. School teacher affair with high school student, sex offense, obtained dismissal of felony, no jail, no sex offender registration. $500,000 civil suit resolved for $22,500 dollars.
  29. Three shoplifting charges for the same client-defendant, committed on the same day, all charges dismissed.
  30. Shoplifting cases, two jurisdictions, history of shoplifting, all cases dismissed.
  31. Fraudulent insurance claim the my client-defendant had hit a pedestrian so hard in a shopping center parking lot that the “victim” claimed she was thrown 10 feet in the air, landing on her head. Case dismissed without trial.
  32. Charges of pot grow with excess plant count, unregistered grow. Reduced to fine for outside odor.
  33. Client with a different attorney convicted of felony assault, felony sex assault, and domestic violence. I got all convictions dismissed.
  34. Charged with manufacturing Meth, box full of rifles, case dismissed.
  35. Client-defendant charged with theft over $10,000. Case dismissed at preliminary hearing.
  36. Persuaded the Sheriff DUI officer who arrested my client with a 0.193 BAC (VERY high) to agree to reducing the charge. The guidelines for such a reduction are “below 0.16”
  37. Client on local road over 100 mph, BAC 0.233 (over 5 times the legal 0.05 Colorado limit). Obtained a result as if the client was not speeding at all and had a low BAC.
  38. Took over case from atty #1. Got two theft counts completely dismissed, protected security clearance, Jefferson County

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