Reviews and Accolades

Below you will find a small selection of client testimonials.

  1. "Lenny - thank you for getting back to me and my apologies for my tardiness in reciprocating - jury trial yesterday (aggressive animal charge) about which you brilliantly advised me on how to approach neutralizing the “Satan-the-pit-bull” prejudice we’d invariably be shackled w/ by analogizing such prejudice to that of minorities as defendant - NFG - which I owe to you - your generosity & your nothing short of brilliant idea of overcoming what I never would’ve thought of - really, my gratitude to you is beyond words (notwithstanding, my excess of them)! As I said last we spoke, I owe you, not a fee, but a TUITION for such a generous schooling! Youdaman!
  2. "Your amazing insight and ability to critically analyze is astounding, which is why I like you. No wonder you’re a good lawyer!"
  3. "Awesome Under control Thank you"
  4. "Lenny you are wonderful and your input was informative and put a spin on the edibles to where social consumption clubs should be easier to acquire now. I really appreciated that insight"
  5. "Thanks again for what you have done for [him]. I have great respect for you and deep appreciation for your care and concern.”
  6. “…thanks for everything… I really can’t express my gratitude with words and …getting out of that … city jail shithole last night was SO huge of a relief and I can’t begin to even describe the feeling. …thanks again, SO much …”
  7. “You’re the man!”
  8. "The DUI got dismissed! Thanks for your help! [on the COOH issue]”
  9. “That was the best money I ever spent.”
  10. “I got way more than my money’s worth.”
  11. “I greatly appreciate your frankness and honesty about my situation.”
  12. “You could have given me a brighter picture to get the job and that speaks to your integrity.”
  13. “thanks for your empathy. That is yet another positive quality you have and makes me feel you really do care. No doubt your clients are very pleased with you!”
  14. “My Heros.” “lenny the pope rabbi king of babylon... forever shall chaos be peace and those that hate shall learn to tolerate. you are love. vibes vibes vibes...
  15. “Thanks for your time and expertise last night!”
  16. “Great and even thoughtful speech on a legal whirlwind of a subject - and you are too as funny as John and Andy. Good times.”
  17. “Should we be working on a Saturday? Thanks for your kind note, and I could see in your presentation what Johnny Cochrane must have seen in you: aside from the wit and panache, a big fucking dose of humanity.”
  18. “Please tell your wife thank you from us, and our patient, It was a very nice thing for you to have done, and the guys felt it was a pleasure to help this guy out!”
  19. “Great work today, Leonard.”
  20. “Wow.”
  21. “One of the best programs ever... and I mean it.”
  22. “Hi Lenny- I just wanted to thank you for your all your help with my case. I was very happy about the final results...better than I expected. I know I would get nervous about the WIDE range of possible consequences so thank you for putting up with my anxiety! I definitely learned from this experience. I hope you have a great summer and thank you again for everything.”
  23. From an attorney colleague: “Brilliant. For certan it is going into the brief. I was never much of a student of Shakespear (and now I'm sorry).
  24. “You are brilliant and an absolute life saver. Thank you!”
  25. “You really did make an impact on my students. So glad to be in touch with you.”
  26. “Thanks Lenny. And thank you for all of your help.”
  27. “Congratulations for changing the world.”
  28. “Thanks for being on the LEAP team Lenny and I'll travel to CO any day to be with the likes of you my brother from another mother”
  29. “Great oped Lenny”
  30. “Lenny, You did a great job! I appreciate it and hope to have you on again.”
  31. “Dear Lenny You merit it, Bud! You're my hero!”
  32. “Everything about this is fantastic! Congrats on 28 wonderful years and for having one of the best anniversary dates ever. I hope the rest of your trip is as awesome as you are, which is as awesome as awesome can be!
  33. “Thank you so much for helping in this case. I'm glad everything went as well as it did and you did a great job.”
  34. “we were beyond educated and thoroughly entertained!!! :) please join us again!!! and you DO know what you're talking about!
  35. “Lenny, I always knew you were brilliant! This is the best nswer, ever. Hope you are well.”
  36. “okay - is there anything you are not good at doing? Love it :)”
  37. “Thanks and I think I need larger doses of legal cannabis to get to your current level of consciousness!”
  38. “And trust me, your insights, ideas, lessons from experience which you post are more valuable than any CLE there is -- as is your style which I f*ckin LOVE! I read & learn from all of your posts!”
  39. “MY GOD OL-MAN THATS BRILLIANT, and of course I agree.”
  40. “You are one hell of an advocate for your clients and a damn fine trial attorney. You are on the short list of guys I would call if I needed representation.”
  41. “You sure are one smart dude.
  42. “Just read your transcript…you did a great job!
  43. “Wow Lenny - what a great explanation - thanks!”
  44. “Lenny great job in the THC explanation. Never heard a better explanation”
  45. “Awesome! I just might print this off as a reminder to just, live life and be happy!”
  46. “You are the wizard, thanks again:-)
  47. “Its so funny to read the comments on your post compared to Sabet’s propaganda. Seems no one is believing his BS on CNN. You however, have written an excellent and honest peice. Well done!!!!”
  48. “That was the best voir dire I’ve ever seen.” (Boulder County Judge).
  49. “Lenny, can i repost this on my web site giving you full credit?”
  50. “great job Lenny.”
  51. “You have been a great spokesman for LEAP, and especially during the CO proposition!”
  52. “Our own superstar lawyer is apparently a fine photographer also with his Red-Shafted Flicker (it’s a bird) making the cover of this month’s Colorado Lawyer. Nicely done.”
  53. “Just saw the physical copy of the magazine. That thing is National Geographic great.”
  54. “Lenny’s photo of a Red-Shafted Flicker graces the September cover of The Colorado Lawyer. It is just stunning. Although he characterizes it as a “lazy man’s photo,” it is so well defined and evocative that I see nothing lazy about it. Well done, Lenny—this is such a good example of life outside the courtroom!”
  55. “So far, the verdict is unanimous about the September cover photo -- it’s terrific! We’re thrilled to have been able to publish it.
    I’m copying the crack photographer in this reply. His “lazy man” description actually says more than you might think: he’s an expert and can take a good photo from any position or angle.”
  56. “Congrats Lenny! This is indeed a milestone, and one to mark. Also, pat yourself on the back my friend. Sometimes, we need to feel these successes so that we know we're being effective.”
  57. “This is such great news! I look forward to working with Xxxxx when he gets back. Your support of him has been phenomenal, Xxxxx has an excellent team in his corner.”
  58. “Leonard Frieling, one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Colorado, and any state within a couple thousand miles of Colorado, told some of his colleagues today a war story of “the good old days” when a cop understood that the people he swore to protect and serve might sometimes include the person he arrested for a minor offense.

    Lenny felt the appropriate result for a client accused of speeding would be a deferred sentence, meaning if the client kept his nose clean for a few months he’d be spared a criminal record and skyrocketed car insurance. The Colorado trooper not only agreed that was fair, but also agreed to allow the client to have his chance at trial, and if found guilty still give the deferred sentence.

    As I said, Lenny is a very good lawyer.

    But on the witness stand, the trooper testified that the motorist blasted by the trooper’s patrol car at an incredible rate of speed.

    Why incredible?

    Well, the trooper testified, I didn’t believe it myself. I mean, I really didn’t believe it. I had to lean out my own window to look at my own door to make sure I was driving a marked patrol car.

    I’m pretty sure Lenny cracked a smile at that.

    I’m pretty sure even his client did.

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