The use of cannabinoids as anticancer agents


  • The endocannabinoid system may play a dual role on the regulation of tumor generation and progression
  • Administration of THC and other cannabinoids exert anticancer actions in animal models of cancer
  • THC and other cannabinoid receptor-ligands induce cancer cell death and inhibit tumor angiogenesis.
  • Cannabinoids enhance the anticancer activity of other antineoplastic agents in animal models of cancer.
  • Cannabinoids are currently being tested as anticancer agents in phase I/II clinical studies.

In conclusion there exist solid scientific evidences supporting that cannabinoids exhibit a remarkable anticancer activity in preclinical models of cancer. Since these agents also show an acceptable safety profile, clinical studies aimed at testing them as single agents or in combinational therapies are urgently needed. Results from these studies are essential to clarify whether cannabinoids (and specifically cannabinoid-based medicines) could be helpful in the fight of cancer.

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The above information was provided by Paul Armentano from NORML.

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