Wax, dab, hash oil, and other exciting things

Let's get real. Are wax, dab, and other pot extracts really the scourge of pot, the newest form of Devil's Lettuce? Demon in the world of legalized pot? As usual as one would expect, the press waxes eloquent, claiming everything from "dangerous" to "will cause instant death after you eat the neighbor's babies." The reality? I can share my decades of experiences with bud and my latest legal experience with wax.

Here's how strong it is, IMO. One hit of what well could have been one of the best waxes extant got me similarly high as smoking 1/2 a joint of the best pot I've ever run into. 1/2 joint by weight of wax is WAY stronger than bud. BUT no one smokes more than a match head or two of concentrate. ONE toke of the "best" was more than enough. One big toke was perhaps a little too strong. A little. Lets compare apples to apples. Weight to weight.

Treat extracts with caution? Of course. They are strong, and if poorly made, retain some butane taste, if it was a butane extraction. Many prefer "bubble hash," which uses a water or steam extraction. (Not sure which) Are there timing issues like edibles? No. Not scientifically, and not in reality. Timing is about the same as with bud. The active delta 9 THC in blood rises quite rapidly with vaporized or smoked bud. Wax behaves similarly. Like very strong pot , the high comes fast, and does not last particularly long. (several hours perhaps). 30-50 x stronger? No way unless you smoke equal weights of each. . Of course that is not done, and probably could not be done. A full strong dose of wax might be a match-head, separated into several tokes. How can you compare a match-head with a full gram; one joint? You can't!

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